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My aging brain just does not absorb information as good as it did 20 years ago. I have been struggling with the math, oddly I am doing a decent job in Chemistry.


I have a friend about my age that lives in north central Texas. I am going to go to a RV park near her and live there for the foreseeable future. There is a Community College in a town near there where I will take the classes that I need.


Decided to approach my goal from another direction and leave K-State after the spring semester is over. I will sell my mobile home, truck, and travel trailer and move the critters and myself into the motor home and head to Texas.


Classes are almost over for K-State, finals are coming up in less than two weeks. Keeping busy working on the mobile home and studying for the upcoming tests.


It has been a few busy months. I have a lot of stuff to sell, give away, or haul off to the city dump. I sold about half my stuff when I sold my place in rural Miami County Kansas but brought a lot of things that did not sell or I did not have time to sell or go through when I moved to Manhattan, KS. I want to get this done quick as I want to get to Texas before the snowbirds head south for the winter.